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Question: How to install the driver's seat correctly?

AI answer:

Installing the driver’s seat correctly is crucial for safety and comfort. Here are some steps to guide you:

  1. Seat Height Adjustment:

  1. Seat Track Adjustment:

  • Move the seat track forward or backward until you find a comfortable knee bend.

  • Adjust the cushion tilt to evenly distribute pressure from your butt to your hamstring.

  • Angle the seat back for support from your pelvis to shoulder blades.

  • Tweak the lumbar support to fill any gaps 1.

  1. Recline Angle for Rear-Facing Seats:

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for setting the recline on your rear-facing seat.

  • Avoid having the seat too upright, as it can cause an infant’s head to fall forward and obstruct breathing. Conversely, reclining too far reduces crash protection. If You have to add anything, Please wright.

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Feb 25
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Artificial intelligence gives a general idea, but there is a significant nuance.

When installing the seat, the brake pedal must be fully depressed.

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