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 I founded Driving school in Brooklyn NY 2004 and has earned a stellar reputation as a Highly Rated driving school. 

 I strive to provide you with the highest quality service and use a highly effective methodology to train students. Whether you are a new driver or someone who needs a little refreshment. 

 I implement a particularly full program, developed by me for more than 40 years of work in different driving schools and with students who have various disabilities.

 I pay special attention to their judgment while driving and specialize in working with students 40+....

 I provide driving lessons according to your needs.

Let's make Interesting Driving Lessons.


Get to know  me.

I assure! You will experience real pleasure, you will be surprised by your abilities, you will overcome your fears. I think that teaching people to drive a car is teaching them a driver's judgment. My driving lessons are 90 minutes (about one and a half hours) long and include driving a car through city streets, highways, and maneuvering.

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Driving Instructor Valeriy

DMV lic
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Lexus 500

It is my car

Services & Prices
Left Turn Diving School offers training programs for the diver's license class D and E
dr. lessonn
Productive lesson
Highway 2
Highway Lessons
2 (two) Hours - $170
90 minutes - $135
Car to the Road Test Brooklyn - $220

Car to the Road Test Staten Island - $290 + Toll



Each Lesson 90 Minutes - $120
Take more lessons and save more!
5 Hour Pre-Licensing Class -  $65 

6 Hour Defencive Class -  $80 

Please Call (646)736-9062 for Scheduling
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